5 Successful Multichannel Campaigns for Engaging Today’s Customers

Today I have the privilege to co-run this Webinar with Lawrence but I'm Eric I work at get response and I'm A customer content lead so actually it Means that I work with customers to Actually show the product in real life Context so this is my angle and you know Today I will make sure that I will share A few case studies with you to to show You uh you know everything we talk about With Lawrence in certain like uh real Life scenario in certain perspective And Lawrence could you say a few words About yourself Hi I'm Lawrenceburg as I said I'm based In California I'm part of Vonage and we Are a global communications platform Covering applications in contact Center Unified Communications conversational Commerce and most important apis for Building applications and we're pleased To have get response as a partner we Provide building blocks that many Customers around the world use to build Their applications and that gives us a Good broad perspective on what people Are doing and exciting directions They're going in as you'll hear today From get response so thank you Cool so Um let's let us go through the agenda Quickly so first of all this webinar is Planned for about an hour so I think

That we will you know go through all the Content in about like 45 minutes and Then there's going to be a QA and Q a Session uh but obviously I would like us To just use this time and you know if You feel that you have any questions Just type in the chat and uh we will Make sure that all of the questions will Be answered Uh we are recording this webinar so you Are also going to receive an email with The recording shortly after Um and yeah as I said before so um we Would like to make it as interactive as Possible so uh whenever you have a Question just type it in the chat and we Will make sure that we provide the Answer And as we promised we want to cover sort Of five successful multi-channel Strategies things that we're Recommending Um starting out with beware your Customers are then we want to spend Quite a lot of time on the concept of Customer Journeys and how it applies we Want to start to look at multi-channel Particularly we're going to focus on SMS Today and then how do you turn what are Often notifications I tell customers Things into actual conversations what's The potential role of AI and then how do I make this seamless so with that Uh let's get going and have a look at

You know why are we doing this We we live in an experienced economy now Today's economy is about how do we Connect and engage our customers and If anything has happened through the Pandemic years it has dramatically Increased consumer expectations uh they Used to videoing with businesses as well As their grandparents they're used to Sending messages all over the place they Have a very good idea of what works and Doesn't work and they will know if your Company doesn't work and they will go Elsewhere I'll talk about a survey we do But customers are very frustrated when Things don't connect when you don't use Channels properly so you are forced to Look at communication channels how you Talk to your customers how do you make Them more flexible how do you make them Smarter and more intelligent and how do You personalize them so they're relevant And not things that I just ignore And why should I do that Eric yeah Exactly so we have a few items to share With you like you know a few data pieces So this is from Gartner report and it is Fresh this is you know it's been Published this year and Um yeah so actually 66 of users cite That Revenue growth is the leading Measurable benefit so actually if you Apply multi-channel Hub Um multi-channel marketing Hub meaning

Like you know a an integrated platform That allows you to run multi-channel Marketing campaigns Um you will probably see like uh Revenue Growth as the leading benefit Um also like 60 of marketing leaders Side that delivery of effective customer Journeys across digital and non-digital Channels is like the most Urgent challenge so exactly as Lauren Said like you know the key here is Actually to provide the best possible Customer experience and actually this It's it's not true that that uh you can Do this by actually aligning your Channels and providing this customer Journey across digital and non-digital Channels Um and also 59 of marketers said they Prefer to rely primarily on a single Vendor but this just I would say that the reason for that is That you actually want it seamless as as You mentioned Lawrence right so actually If you use several platforms but you Integrate it uh you know seamlessly then I think that still you you get this like Experience as if you were using like a Single vendor for Oreo Um channels So the first thing we're going to talk About is channels and the whole goal of Channels is to be where your customers Are if all your customers are downtown

You should build your retail store Downtown if they're all in the suburbs You should build in the suburbs so where Are your customers and and how can you Reach them and With that we can see that if you look at Different channels there's all of these Have Global reach and obviously email And we're going to talk quite a bit About SMS but the principles that we Talk about will apply to emerging social Channels this webinar itself is not Going to be going deep on social Channels we want to sort of show how do I mix messaging and how do I mix email How do I make them work together in Order to have these Global conversations So there are literally billions of users Out there and there's very broad Coverage if I look at email and SMS and Also pretty broad coverage if I look at Social messaging so let's drill down and Look at email and sms's channels and What to expect from them Yeah so when it comes to email so it is Still like you know the Preferred Channel to receive offers from Brands so I believe that SMS and social media is Like more on the personal side but email Remains this like you know business Preferred business communication Channel It is also cost effective because like Usually you know it's um the the price Of your email marketing depends on the

Number of of contacts you have in your List so obviously here like you know the Higher the quality of the contact list Uh the the more cost effective it Becomes Um you also own the content and the list Itself so this is very important because You know no matter what you you are Still in touch with uh with your Subscribers with people who actually Agreed and wanted to receive Um emails from you Also I would say that that one of the Key benefits of using email as a Marketing channel is the fact that you Actually reach everybody in your contact List provided that you are using like Um a professional email marketing Software uh there is this thing called Deliverability which means that you know If you have 100 people in your contact List you will reach 100 if you have 100 Million people in your contact list You know you you will have this high Deliverability that allows you to uh Just reach the inbox of 100 million People right so so this is something That Um the algorithm in in social media Platforms uh do not really allow Um you can also fully personalize the Content and we are going to talk about It uh later on Um you can also track results and

Measure Roi so actually when it comes to Email marketing it is very simple Actually to just like you know show the Business results behind your campaigns So it's not only about opens not only About clicks but right now you can track Conversion and actually Revenue per Campaign or like you know Revenue per uh Per email Um and you can easily automate key Campaigns so here I always like you know I I like to uh Mention that welcome series an abandoned Card these are like perfect campaigns uh To automate and I will also provide you With a few examples so uh some case Studies are coming soon So as we look at SMS many of the Benefits are the same but all the Channels work differently they have Different expectations from the Consumer's point of view in different Ways you would use SMS is the most widely accessible Messaging platform in the world and is Also highly responded to you send Somebody an SMS they will look at it Very high look at and response rate but It's much more intimate consumers on SMS Hate spam there's a lot of work going on To remove spam so they don't want Messages that they've not agreed to what They want to receive is timely and Personalized information that they've

Requested so it's not an alternative to Email in that hey I'll just tell Everybody over SMS it's something that's Got a dovetail with email to be okay now I want to enter into a deeper Conversation I want to give information That specifically personalized within That providing you're being targeted With relevant messages it's also cost Effective you own the list you own the Opt-ins you can reach everybody Providing you're reaching them in ways That make sense to them based on how They've opted in you can obviously Personalize the content you can track All the results uh in in the system you Can easily automate key campaigns the Way the campaigns make dovetail may be a Bit different it's not the open welcome It's let me tell you about the new Product to the product that you've Already bought let me re-engage it's It's how does it supplement uh the Conversation that you're having with Customers and let's look at that in the Context of customer Journey so the key Thing that we want to emphasize perhaps The most important thing in this webinar Is you have to deeply understand your Customer Journeys in customer Journeys Are often not linear they sort of go Round and round Um and we're going to sort of walk Through a customer journey and give

Examples to show how different Approaches at different moments in the Journey make sense and putting the whole Journey together is what's really Important and Let's start so the you may have Different ways of viewing Journeys but So here is a way but it's certainly Adaptable to whatever way you look at Customer Journeys but typically early on Customers are inquiring they're Comparing they're trying to make a Decision they may come to a website they May sign up for something and suddenly You've seen them and you now want to Engage so this is the first step how do I inquire how do I compare what would be Examples of that era Yeah so here I have um an example from One of our customers Land Cafe pal so This is an e-commerce and they offer uh Artisanal coffee so if you uh want to Buy you know just some some truly Exceptional coffee this is the place and Uh the founder and you know the business Owner realized that His customers are people who understand The difference he actually knew that you Know in order to buy this artisanal Coffee you need to know what it is so You need to know you know how does it Differ from this like regular coffee That you can buy in just every Supermarket so here as you can see there

Is like a series of email and this is Fully automated so so I also wanted to Make sure that you Uh like understand why I said that that Uh some key campaigns are perfect for Automation because here you know as soon As somebody signs up through a web form On a website uh first they receive the Welcome email and the welcome email is Focused on the brand so actually it ex Like explains you know the Um the name for example this is so cool Because actually uh wukash who is the Founder he likes uh traveling the world Uh in his Land Rover so hence the land And he enjoys coffee so this is like Land Cafe so land coffee would be in English right this is Polish brand so It's called Land Cafe but it's a cool Story uh because he was actually able to To just build the business based on two Things that he really enjoys in life Um and you know this first welcome email Actually informs you about the brand a Bit and allows you actually to click uh And then visit the blog visit the Website so as you can see Just just the first message actually Makes your brand visible more personal So actually you get this sort of like You know deeper understanding on what it Is and what it stands for and then you Have this educational cycle so actually You have like five content emails and

They briefly explain the difference Um oh you can probably see this email on Top Um this is an email with uh with a map And you have Um like places where where the coffee Comes from right so you have uh Northern America South America Africa and Asia And actually this this simple email Actually explains a bit the difference That you can expect so actually you know If you want to have this like coffee With um I know more like you know coffee Hazelnut profile it's gonna be it's Better to actually choose the the coffee From Africa but if you are more into Some you know fruity flavors and more Exotic Aromas right so actually this is Going to be Asia so Um you know a person who's never tried This specialty coffee before based on Like this short series uh can can Basically just start to to understand Her or his needs and and basically you Know once you understand the the your Needs better it's so much easier for you Actually to choose the right product and Um the last email in the series is a an Email with a discount coupon so actually You know when as soon as the education Cycle is complete then you can send this Discount coupon because you know that Okay you know everything you should know

In order to make a decision so yeah Perhaps this is the time to do it and Now I have one one question related to This uh series because we have measured The results Uh and let me just find the survey Okay If you could actually uh provide the Answers to this question because like What do you think what was the sales Rate of this email series I'm thinking About the whole series so all the emails Here oh thank you so much for uh taking Part in the poll I can see that you know We have already a few answers Okay 38 percent of participants of people Answered already Okay cool Yeah so actually we have four different Options so ah and I'm not like thinking About conversion like you know clicking Through like from an email and landing On a website I'm thinking about sales Rate so actually uh what percent of People actually bought the product after Or during you know this this uh welcome Series Maybe just let's wait Um 10 seconds more because I can see That some of us are still Um providing the answers Thank you so much because you know like 70 of people already responded

It's great Okay so we have four options let me see Okay so now I finished the poll and you Will be able to see the results Okay let me share Yeah so actually five people said that It's more than 40 percent Uh but actually Let us go back to the results I think that you'll be surprised Um Okay So it was 54 of sales rates so 50 54 Percent of uh you know people who Subscribed bought the product during the Education series or uh with the discount Coupon and it was like 40 percent during The educational campaign and the email With the discount It it had like you know 13 sales rate so As you can see the results might be Outstanding if you if you only like Understand your customers properly if You understand their needs and if you Provide them with with relevant content Right cool so thank you Obviously you know the more you can do Up front while people are trying to make Decisions and make decisions between you And other people the better you are you Know the customer Journey then moves Into a buying phase where there may be Sort of questions and Um we need more of a dialogue and here's

Perhaps an opportunity to you know Simplify the dialogue if I want an SMS Exchange or make it rich with with an Email exchange so let's have a look at An example of the buy stage mm-hmm yeah And here actually I wanted to share with You uh another case study and this is For with celsi celsi is Um also like polish e-commerce but they They sell Furniture so here we have a Different product we have a product that You know it's they analyze that it takes Around Six weeks for people to decide on the Proper furniture they want to buy so This this uh customer journey is Definitely longer than the previous one Because you know if you want to buy Yourself uh coffee Um yeah you don't need to think too much About it because it's uh relatively you Know like a cheap product right but when It comes to Furniture there are so many Different like factors to take into Considerations but here Um I wanted to Show you a test that comes from an Abundant card series and it's also very Important to mention that yeah you want Your emails and you want your messages To to stay relevant to be relevant and Very often you know there are Brands who Actually have this abundant card message Saying hey you left something in your

Cart right and I believe that you know I think that most of us realize that They they didn't purchase something or Like you know they did it on purpose Probably because they wanted to see like The delivery cost right or like the Total price or some other parameter but I wanted to share with you actually Something that makes a difference so Based on the A B test that Um cell C like the marketing team at Cell C did Um they they wanted to measure the Performance of their abandoned card Emails and on the left In the like upper left corner you can See like a typical message that actually Show you the products that you've left And also like recommends you some other Like you know similar products or maybe Like related maybe not similar but Related Um and it turned out that when you add Uh opinions of satisfied customers in This abundant card series as you can see The conversion rate doubles so actually Instead of like 3.8 percent they they Had like seven point Seven percent conversion rate and also Uh like at the bottom You can see the same a B test but also With a discount code so here uh if if uh I mean when they added opinions of Satisfied customers and also like added

A discount like 10 discount Uh it's actually almost like tripled Because you know it just jumped from 3.8 To 9.09 percent so yeah just wanted to to Make like show you this context because It just like provides so uh much Interesting info Oh you're muted Lawrence Immediately after buying then there's Obviously a tracking process the Tracking process is excellent where you Can get permission and start to shift Perhaps to an SMS communication Obviously you want to sort of follow-up Email so I have an email in the same Track but I'm going to talk about where Are my opportunities to start to go Multi-channel here how can I persuade The customer that I have additional Information that will help them do you Want to get tracking updates do you want To be told when it's delivered excellent Opportunity to do that and then the next Step here is I'm now starting to use it My coffee arrives my furniture arrives In this example here my fitness Application arrives I now have questions We don't want to get answers to my Questions Um and let's have a look at an example There Yeah so here this is um like you have a Screenshot from marketing Automation and

Get response because I also wanted to Make sure that you know it is so easy Actually to stay in touch with your Customers because I realized that also Like you know we usually like automate And we focus on lead generation we focus On you know campaigns that actually you Know uh they have this goal of like Making our potential customers our Customers but then it is so important Actually to stay in touch to actually You know like build those those Meaningful relationships and also like When you purchase something this is the Moment when like you know your Expectations meet reality so um it's a Very good idea to even like you know Create something as simple as you can See right here like whenever like Somebody purchased something you waste Some time and then you send the survey And you actually want to want to just it Might be a super simple survey like this One but you want to measure like okay Are people satisfied Or not really like you know is there any Room for improvement because here you Can for me it's especially important Because as I said before I work uh with Customers at get response this is Actually where I get my content from Right so I wanna I wanna talk to people Who are uh satisfied with the product And I also want to talk to people who

You know experience some difficulties And I want to make sure like okay so What happened what is the reason like You know what what you know because then I have so much content like to produce And also like so much feedback to Actually pass on to our product Development team so yeah Um this is it like you know stay in Touch with your customers and see Actually how they've been using the Product and you know what they feel About that and that obviously expands Extends through the support moment right Now the support moment may be using Other channels maybe they uh contact a Call center maybe they send an email so You've either got to handle email Responses uh or you've got to move Information and we'll talk about this as Our fifth category at the end how do I Get information to other places that the Customer is now going to go how do they Know that they're on this journey And you know moving forward another step Is re-engagement Right you've got the Customer they've bought something They're now a customer customers are Hard to get so how do we take full Advantage of this customer how do we Start to re-engage how do we get that Permission to tell them gently about new Information and new updates and what is It that I would want next at the right

Moment in time right you know I'm not Gonna re-buy the day afterwards Um but what is the right moment in time And what is the right message that's Going to convince the customer to Re-engage with you Yeah and here I wanted to show you uh an Email that comes from American Giant This is a fashion e-commerce brand Um it's us brand and I really like love The way they actually run their email Marketing uh and as you can see this Actually email proves that your digital Experience might be you know like Superior to to traditional offline Experience even when we talk about Fashion because I can imagine myself Like you know going in the shop and just Like looking at this Um because as you can see this this Product the main product here is like a Hoodie right it's and you have like Original fit or relaxed fit I think that If I went into a shop and actually I saw These two hoodies I would See the color difference that's for sure But I'm not so sure if I actually you Know if I could spot the differences in The fit but as you can see this email Like you know clearly uh explains the Main differences between these two Products And also like allows you to uh you know If you if you feel that you are ready to

Purchase it online go ahead you have This opportunity so you can like you Know shop men's or women's but if you Would like to uh yeah just put it on Just measure it and see you know if it Fits or which one is better for you uh You can actually see the locations of The Um brick and mortar shops and visit the The one close nearby so I really like this example and these Kind of messages are obviously driven by What I know the customer's already Purchased so am I am I giving them a Hurt am I getting them to buy their Second hoodie or am I getting them to Get a hoodie because they previously Bought t-shirts you know these are the Decisions that need to be made as you Try and re-engage and therefore what We're looking at is what is the outcomes Throughout this journey what am I Expecting to get from each of the steps In the journey how how do you see an Error yeah so actually here first of all You know we we usually focus on money Right so you expect Revenue you expect Higher revenue and you want to like look At these touch points from this Perspective so for sure you can expect Higher Revenue if you actually send Personal and relevant messages but you Also you know get this better customer Experience as you said before and you

Know satisfied customers they have No need to search for competitors I I Know at least like five brands that I Could name right now that I'm just like You know satisfied with and I not only Purchase regularly uh from them but I Also I'm happy to recommend these Brands To my friends to my family just like you Know spread the love so here I would say That we have like two main goals reached Like first is like money so the revenue So this is like basically you know the Business perspective but we also have This customer satisfaction and then you Know we have even like more business out Of it and you know we have this great Following and we have basically you know Um people who Appreciate us as a brand So as you look at the steps in your Journey you know it's not simply about Did they buy it's how am I continually Increasing You know customer satisfaction Customer Loyalty willingness to recommend uh as Part of the cycle and I want a mix of That and money because that drives Future money So we've mentioned SMS along the way I Now want to take an SMS perspective and Say well where would we blend SMS in you May already be using get response for Your email campaigns uh as get response Now makes it possible to manage SMS

Campaigns how do I blend them in and Where And as I suggested earlier one of the Key things is where do I opt in and I Want to suggest that there are use cases Across the journey that we've just Looked at whether I'm inquiring buying Tracking using re-engaging there's Various moments where I can come in Obviously at the beginning where I you Know where If I'm going to buy something then I'm Going to come and create an account You're going to want to verify me you're Going to want to sign up in some way so That I can get the discounts buy-in set Up my account to be able to purchase There's an opportunity there for Campaign opt-in right do you want to be Able to receive updates it may be too Early for the customer but you have an Opportunity there once they start Getting engaged in buying and tracking You have the opportunity to get them to Buy in Um uh in terms of do you want to get Status right I want to know about Scheduling and delivery I want to know If it's a more complex product if it Changes if there's some critical alert Later on the product they want to know About it I want personalized updates and You've got to do that with great caution I don't know about you but I get a lot

Of these messages that just say would You like to receive boatloads of Marketing messages from us to which the Answer is obviously no right it's not Asking me is do you want this kind of Information about this I'm always going To say no if all you say is would you Like marketing no I know I want Personalized information that's relevant To me so that moment of buying is an Absolutely great moment to try and get Opt-in for some things And then I'm in the middle of the Transaction I'm in the middle of buying And using and whether it's shopping or Events or I'm going to an entertainment Event and I really want to know if the Event you know if it's going to rain or What's going to happen or maybe further Afield I'm in healthcare or I'm in Education or I'm in financial and I'm You know I'm I'm getting information you Have the opportunity to opt in at the Moment within the transaction I'm Supporting the transaction online in Some way obviously if it's a physical Thing if it's coffee arriving at your Doorstep if it's Furniture uh then I've Already bought it but if if what I Bought is a ticket for an online event Then you have the event moment as a Moment that you can do and then Obviously I have lots of opportunity in The in the follow-up how do I get

Support uh can I sign up can I get Notifications and then we get into the Information sharing of how does that Reach the contact center what kind of Knowledge can I give you access to Through both email and SMS what kind of Post buy campaigns or new offers or Product updates you know I really want To know when you have that in blue I Really want to know when uh you you you Told me in The Upfront uh inquire that You would soon have coffee from XYZ I Want that coffee please tell me when it Arrives Um and maybe at some point uh billing And collection may be an issue so the Suggestion here is look at SMS as a Supplementary campaign that you're You're going to blend over the top of Your email and look at the moments where You can get opt-in for different things And absolutely don't ask me do you just Want lots of marketing because my answer Is you very specialize about what am I Going to get how is this going to be Relevant to me And part of this is what we call turning Notifications into conversations so if We look at the market a lot of Information sharing with customers Whether it's email whether it's just Mouse whether it's on the website a much More notification based I'm going to Tell you things

And I'm gonna hope that you then do Something So there's limited integration of the Experience We're increasingly saying that we want This to be two-way I want the customer To reply I want to turn this into uh Conversations what we would call two-way Potentially cross-channel but Particularly in depth within the channel How do I make the email Channel really Work for me how do I make the SMS Channel instead of just sending a Message that says go somewhere else go To my website go to my store that's nice But how do I make the channel work Harder for me and there's a sort of Simple argument here which is customers Cannot have two-way conversations if the Other end does not understand you and Cannot respond And you probably cannot afford to apply People for every possible two-way Responses you scan So you are going to need some help and Over time you're going to introduce AI Tools that help AI tools that help you Put more depth into the conversation That can do that with Automation and That's something that we're very focused On here at Vonage and you can read more About that at vonage.com in terms of our Approach to AI to automate SMS to Automate voice to automate other

Channels so that you truly can start to Turn those into intelligent two-way Conversations where the automation Understands what the customer is saying And can then decide okay when do I Really need a person or how much of this Can I order me if I'm just sort of you Know getting a response that says but When it when is it available and I have Responses for that why can't I automate That and then similarly as we look at Our email marketing I want to be able to Personalize it so how does that work Here yeah so actually for example here At getresponse you know our perspective On AI and the usage is like uh at Personalized product recommendations so Right now for example you know you can See the person that visits your website Then you can actually recommend some Relevant products you know based on the Segment they they are from or like you Know any previous information that Actually provided you with so actually You have this very good starting point Like as soon as somebody uh enters your Website they see you know the kind of Like products that are relevant and then You could also like use this knowledge In a pop-up so for example you know Let's imagine a situation that you know You ran out of a certain product but you Can actually use a pop-up the way to Recommend something similar so you know

You could still use a similar fashion Maybe or you know like Fabric or fit but Actually you know present some some Products that are similar And obviously you could use the same Information the same data and Trigger The right emails so actually let's Imagine a situation that you know Somebody was like browsing like a Certain product category so then we Understand that this person was Interested in the category itself but Perhaps you know there is there is some Information that they still need in Order to make the proper decision like You know should I buy it or not so you Can also like use emails to provide Relevant content that that matches the Certain product category so here yeah AI Is is a great way to to just use it Because you know everybody will Have their own dynamically changed and Personalized content so you don't need To think about it that much because AI Is basically better at like you know Joining several million dots at like in A second right Uh and also I wanted to share this like Piece of data that comes from also like You know a report from from a year ago This one is from McKinsey uh and it also Like uh shows the importance of uh Personalization so actually the right Recommendations for example right so 76

Percent of uh consumers uh were more Likely to purchase from from uh you know Company that that personalizes messages And also 78 were more likely to Repurchase and 78 were more likely to Recommend so as you can see this Actually goes along the journey so we Are not thinking about like one-time Purchase and we are not even thinking About like you know our regular Customers who will visit us again and Again but we also think about like you Know people being satisfied and people Being satisfied enough uh as to like Recommend our brand to other uh other People Great And so finally we want to talk about Well how do I make the whole journey how Do I make the journey that goes beyond The marketing moments how do I make this Seamless how do I uh share the data is Going to be the sort of fifth strategy That you must think about And Vonage does a survey every year we we've Just done our 11th survey where we go Out globally and we talk to thousands of Consumers and we ask them how do you Want to communicate which channels are You using which channels do you see Growing what are the frustrations you Have we've just completed our Global Survey for this year you can go to

Vonage.com and click on the resources at The top and you'll find it and you can Download it And what we're finding is that the Customers have the same complaints that They have literally had for decades Which is things don't connect Um when I do in you know you you you're Not sharing information I keep repeating Myself why do I have to keep doing that And you know I'm not gonna I'll age Myself back to the Dark Ages if I tell You the first time I heard that and it's Not good and that means that as we come Up with all these strategies it's not Enough to think about the front end and What it looks like in the Beautiful Um campaigns that Iraq showed you you Have to think about Beauty on the back End how do I go from that first Contact To what I say in the email to the SMS Campaigns that I wrap around it how does That integrate with the e-commerce data So that I'm getting recommendations that I can include in my marketing and I'm Getting the Um you know the value of what I've Learned from customers to appear in the E-commerce uh system this frustration Started about a week after websites were Created says uh says Dan Um I I I remember it from before Websites were created but when contact Centers were created let alone let alone

Website so it's been a long time so and Then the customer calls the contact Center how do I make sure that there's The ability to get access to uh the Information that will then drive me to a New sale so we think what's very Important is thinking of your data and Your integration strategies on the back End simultaneously with thinking about Your customer journey and campaign Strategies on the front end and what are Some examples of what you're seeing here Eric Yeah so I wanted to Um actually Um because the slide the previous slide That you that you had and actually you Know it starts with the first Contact And I also like the example that you uh Mentioned some time ago about like you Know people basically asking do you want Marketing at the opt-in right and nobody Wants that uh to be honest I even saw Like you know web forms Um with no information whatsoever you Only had like there is this place for Your name and place for your email Address and there is this button like Subscribe so like why why would they do That like there is no context like you Know and I think that it is like totally Like missed opportunity because if we Think about it as you If let's think about opt-in as the first

Contact right so you can actually really Like yeah provide people with Information what they can expect and you Could also like even ask them about Something more And then Um next thing was the email right in the Previous slide so here I have three Examples of emails that When we look at them we we see the you Know the beautiful design yeah we read The copy but actually it also translates To the back end of the things because as You can see Um these emails are let's say well Designed with certain segments in mind So actually what you want to do here is Like you want to use Automation in this Situation to not only like Send some information to people but also Like to learn about about them right About like you know just just find out Their their needs so actually you could Properly design your emails so that the Segments are informative and based on The clicks based on the segments that People choose you know whether there are Like male female I don't know like it's You know just like gifts for him gifts For her gifts for kids This is all data so actually based on The click you can also like you know Assign a proper tag you can then form Segments and this way the front end and

The back end actually can go together in Order to actually you know collect the Data collect meaningful data first of All and then you can use it and make Sure that yeah you you use it across the Channel and you provide this Multi-channel marketing experience that Uh is just it's good good enough I would Say And obviously that's the value of Platforms like get response that are Sort of bringing together all your Front-end data but providing you with Integration into platforms like E-commerce both using its data and Providing new data so this has been only A very quick touch on the on the data Gathering problem uh I'm sorry we Haven't solved the uh this the sort of Multi-decade Problem by getting all your Data together what we're emphasizing Here is do not think about your Marketing campaigns without thinking About who else is going to need that Data and who else's data are you going To need make that a fundamental part of The design of what you're doing and Therefore you know What you see here is how these five Multi-channel campaign strategies fit Together you first got to think about Channels because you want to be where Your customers are you really want to Understand the whole journey and we sort

Of talk you through in some length the Different moments and how they're Different but what you need to do There's the opportunity to start going Multi-channel and we talked about how SMS and messaging can play a sort of Integrated role with email in your Campaigns we talked about you know ai's Going to become important because you Want to have overtime deeper Conversations with customers Conversations that become more two-way Where you can't afford to have people Sitting to answer every question where The application of AI Technologies and The easy application of AI Technologies Is going to be important in order to Have those deeper conversations and Finally you know in all of this thinking Think in terms of the underlying data Where does it start where does it flow How do you collect it how do you Differentiate the kind of different Responses you have and then how are you Going to share it so those are the five Strategies that we've covered here I Hope taking a broader look than just how Do I put together the perfect email it's How do I put together the perfect Journey how do I put together the Perfect data system in order to have Deeper conversations with our customers So thank you and we're now available for Q a please type your q a questions and

Eric will dig them out of the uh of the Chat yeah uh thank you so much and I Also wanted to run a quick poll uh so Just give me a moment Um I wanna ask you about the marketing Channels Uh that you are going to prioritize in 2023 because you know we have discussed Quite a few marketing Channels with Lawrence today uh to be honest I was About to run this poll a bit earlier but Actually now I realize that you know It's also a perfect time to do that so If you could just Um yeah provide us with answers what do We have here Okay cool ten percent of people already Took part in Nepal thank you so much Okay Guess what Okay maybe I'm gonna share the results In a moment Cool you have almost like happy people So simultaneously click on the poll but Also enter your questions and we'll look At the questions that we uh that that we Have Um So already we have a couple of SMS Questions which I'll stop to tackle when We finish the poll yeah so maybe like You know five more seconds because like More than half

Um of you already answered thank you so Much Okay cool thank you so let's just See The results Here we go okay so social media Marketing is actually leading in our Poll then we have search marketing and Digital Partnerships And then we have digital advertising Digital PR and digital messaging so Thank you so much And now we are going to what that shows Is that uh you really are going to have To think about your multi-channel Strategies you're going to have to think About Um how the social channels how the Messaging channels how to email channels How do they fit together so that when You do something in terms of social Media marketing you then get results From it right if I respond You know what is the what is an email Campaign that looks like look like that Responds to a social messaging app right What is a follow-on messaging stream Look like what more can I do uh within The messaging stream so I'll tackle a couple of the SMS Questions and uh please ask uh other Questions as we go along here you know What types of SMS convert best for E-commerce so

What I was suggesting earlier was It's about relevance to the customer Right is you get more and more intimate In your conversation if I first just Give you general information but then I Give you a specific sort of Education Flow in email or I give you a particular Response in SMS it has to be relevant Right what's most important is its Relevance so you can't do relevance if You've not started to gather data about The customer and if your campaigns that You're running you know you can get Response for example are not Personalized if they're not you know You're making decisions based on well I Learned from what they responded to Previously that they're interested in This they've bought this Um what what you know what can I what What can I do so I would say the best Types are ones that are most relevant And they're not going to be relevant to Everybody they're going to be relevant To the particular customer or Prospect You're sending them to and therefore They must be personalized and you can't Personalize it if you're not Gathering a Certain amount of data in every Interaction so it's not just that the Email is beautiful or the text message Is perfect it's what information what Decisions is it asking me to make that I Can then follow up on

And then the second question was about What's the right moment well I suggested That it's possible to start to introduce Multiple channels at every at every Moment in the journey and different Customers are going to respond at Different moments some people are going To say yeah this is quite a complicated Decision I really want to know if the Price changes or let me know about Black Friday deals up early in the inquiry Stage other customers you may really Need to be in buying before they're Willing to let you opt in and you've got To make it sort of relevant to how will Opting in make the product better as Opposed to tell me a whole bunch of Stuff about you know why I should buy The product I just bought right I get so Many messages you know a lot of uh sort Of uh you know follow-on marketing on The web is busy promoting to me the Product I just bought which seems to me Completely stupid and a waste of time Right I want I want to know what comes Next so how can I opt into what the Follow-on for that product is and then There's the sort of support and Information moments later in the journey Those are also opportunities to say you Know well you're engaged with the Product you're talking to us Um can I send you information in this Way but once again I've got to be very

Clear what is the information I'm going To send you We have a question from Dario like what Types of SMS convert best for e-commerce So I I answered that one we've done that One oh sorry so actually this is my bed So we have a question from Denise how Easy or difficult is deployment how long Does it take to get started So I think you should answer that in Terms of get response here right and Then there's another question from Danny Yeah so actually here when it comes to Email marketing it is both like you know Easy and complex so uh if you actually Know your customers and if you know Actually what you know are their Information needs I would say that Deploying like you know an automated Email marketing series is Like very easy because first of all we Make sure that you do have templates for Almost everything so you can use email Marketing templates in order to create Those like you know well-designed Messages in no time and we also provide You with templates for your first Automated scenarios so If if you know you don't need any HTML Knowledge you know you don't need like Email marketing team all you need is Actually to understand your audience and Then I'm pretty sure that running Professional email marketing campaigns

Is not going to be a problem Foreign Yeah we have one more question but I Wanted to add to your previous answer I Think what's key to that answer is the Tools are making it easier and easier For you to build these things and Automate these things Um but the challenge is always in the Thinking through how is this going to Work putting yourself in the customer Understanding their different needs Making it relevant you know so the Thinking is hard uh the execution is Becoming easier but making easy Execution you know should not be taken As an opportunity to do bad marketing it Should be enough give you an opportunity To think more and do effective targeted Thought through sequences and marketing And that's where the skill comes Um I don't know if you can bring Danny's Question up yeah here it is so can you Explain more about how you integrate the Data for seamless Communications between Channels So can you answer that maybe in terms of How get response how different campaigns Within get response can share data share Common uh customer data Etc yeah so Actually we Um definitely make sure that you know You have this opportunity to integrate Get response with your other other

Platforms and your website so what we do Is actually we use the data to Translate it into Customer profiles and then based on like Similarities you can create something Called like a segment so you know your Segment your your contact list so you Make make sure that you actually know Uh yeah let's say we were talking about Customer Journey with Lawrence so one of The ways to segment your contact list is Actually to create segments based on the Particular Uh stage in the customer Journey right So you you know automatically okay who Who is like you know a subscriber but Who is a customer already who is a Returning customer you know so then You can basically collect the data but Still you need to know how to use it so As Lauren said Uh you shouldn't take uh technology you Know as an opportunity to to do bad Marketing but actually you should just Make sure that okay first of all you Need to Realize like what is key information for You so actually what do you need to know In order to do Really like you know good marketing and Then uh yeah you you you just use the Data in the platform and you create Proper contact lists create segments and You can also like assign Uh custom

Fields or tags to your contacts so Basically you build this like full Customer profile and then you make sure That you send the you know like the Right messages to the right people at The right time Okay I think that's uh all the questions I currently see if you have a final Question please put them in chat Um otherwise I'd like to uh thank uh Eric and the get response team for Inviting bondage to come along and uh Share a discussion about how they're Expanding their use of channels and Bondage is always pleased to partner With Innovative organizations who are Making customer Communications work Better connecting more people globally And turning notifications into deeper Conversations that are targeted that are Personal uh and that are richer as we go Forward so thank you for listening today And uh thank you Eric yeah thank you Lawrence for joining us and for sharing You know this knowledge and it was Really interesting uh thank you so much For joining us guys thank you for all Your questions and thank you for being You know so active Yeah and see you at the next get Response webinar soon Thanks a lot

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